Above & Beyond Crossfit

A CrossFit gym and community in downtown Little Rock

The Premiere Crossfit Gym and Community in Little Rock, Arkansas

Our programming is simple – let us help you reach your goals. Chris Black, one of our top coaches, programs each workout based upon each member’s unique needs and goals established when signing up. Needless to say, there is something for everyone. But at the end of the day, great training aside what matters most is that we are ONE gym and ONE family.

About Above & Beyond CrossFit

We are the largest CrossFit gym in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. The greatest thing about Above and Beyond is our Community. We are made up of mothers, fathers, competitors, business professionals, and friends. But most importantly we are made up of men and women who daily want to develop an uncommon will to succeed.


Above and Beyond was established in 2016 and quickly has become one of the largest CrossFit communities and facilities in the state of Arkansas.


Above and Beyond has some of the most tenured and well respected coaches in the business. Upwards of double digit years for experience, the Above and Beyond team have the ability to cater to the individual athlete, team, masters athlete, non-athlete, and kids. A true testament to Chris Black’s custom programming our community not only excels in competition, but more importantly develops the mental edge to be their very best in all phases of life.


We take great pride in knowing that when you come to Above and Beyond that you are going to receive personalized treatment regardless where you are physically. But it’s more than that. We believe that in order for you to develop an uncommon will to succeed in all phases of your life we must provide a unique and welcoming environment for anyone – children, adults, competitors, corporations and non-athletes alike.


We want to introduce a healthy lifestyle through CrossFit, and teach you that you are more capable than what you think. Vanity comes through hard work and sweat equity. However, our goal is not to push the idea of vanity, instead we care about molding you into the best version of you. We believe fundamentals are key to function and achieving this goal. Let us help you dispel the myth that CrossFit is dangerous and only meant for hard core athletes. On the contrary, we want to introduce you to how to live a healthy lifestyle and most importantly live Above and Beyond of what you are capable of.

Our Coaches

  • CJ Khoshabjian

  • Vickie Golonka

  • Ryan Hale

  • Kyle Myers

  • Josh Shipman

  • Jordan Tackett

  • Greg Hartwick

  • Gena Hartwick

  • Jade Clemmons

  • Eric Braeuer

Get Started

We understand choosing the right gym, in general, can be difficult. However, we want what’s best for you. Although we have some top athletes, they make up only 1% of our gym population. We pride ourselves in our ability to help each individual achieve their own personal goals, no matter what condition they’re in. We provide an environment in which anyone – children and adults, athletes and non-athletes can be comfortable while learning to build an active lifestyle. We offer a free one-on-one assessment with Jade Clemmons, Certified L1 Coach, along with a free week to get you started. From there we will help you set goals and make sure you are placed in the proper class that best meets your needs.

Foundations Academy

Let’s put first things first: you. Regardless upon your level of experience when it comes to CrossFit we want to help you be successful. Needless to say, some of the most seasoned athletes need coaching. Because of this we offer all members and non-members a free assessment with one of our certified coaches. From there we will place you in the Foundations Course.  This session will be coordinated between you and the coach. To start e-mail us at info@strongwillmovement.com and from there we will start paving out a pathway of success for you.

Free Intro Class

Above and Beyond prides itself in offering cutting edge training. But typically what you find with cutting edge training are cutting edge prices. Not the case with Above and Beyond. Our bottom line a.k.a. our paycheck is the most important asset we have. Because of this we want to make sure you have access to a great community for a price that won’t break the bank. We are up to 10% less than our competitors in the Little Rock, Arkansas metro area and up to 50% less than some national gyms. Not bad. But if you don’t believe us, that’s okay. Try us out to get started. We give each interested member a week of free classes and a free assessment to kick-start your thirst to go Above and Beyond of what you are capable of. Don’t take our word for it, instead, come and try it out yourself.

Want To Join Above and Beyond?

If you are new to CrossFit or you are new to physical training in general you have come to the right place. Our investment is in our people. Because of this you will receive a free assessment from one of our certified coaches and to test things out you will have access to a week of free classes. If you are satisfied with the community you can then sign up and be apart of an amazing community. Click here to learn about the pricing. Already have CF experience? Try any one of our classes for free.

Contact Us

Please contact us at info@strongwillmovement.com for more information. In the meantime here is the contact information from our Executive Team.

Get in Touch

Are you ready to take the next step and join our crew? Or do you have a question and want to learn more? Contact us or come for a visit to learn what we’re all about. Conact UsCome for a Visit

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